Here comes the Viking Ship!


Here comes the powerful Viking ship, and all the children collaborated to make a huge ship shown at the Spanska class window.

We divided this project in three groups

The smaller ones started with amazing shields which protected these amazing warriors and they would put them on the side of the boat. Many beautiful colours were used and the children understood how a Spanish teacher, in Spanish, told them about the adventures of these people:







img_20160920_144335 img_20160920_144355 img_20160920_144406


The second group were in charge of doing the rows of the ship, what was interesting and challenging was the fact that they has to transcribe from Spanish to Runic the phrase ”Yo me llamo” which means I am called.

So, as a challenge, the children had to understand the phrase in Spanish, put their name beside this phrase and then transcribe it into Runic, which they could see on the wall of the classroom, and know which rune applied to the letter they were looking for and decorate and paint their row with this:


img_20160927_144104 img_20160927_144124 img_20160927_144132 img_20160927_144139img_20160927_144207 img_20160927_144217 img_20160927_144232 img_20160928_092516


And finally, the third group were in charge of the body of the boat and the sail with a big dragon as an emblem.

The children did as the others regarding the decoration and writing first in Spanish and then in Runic, they had a great time:



img_20161004_143943img_20161004_143907 img_20161004_143957


img_20161004_144004 img_20161004_144015 img_20161004_144017 img_20161004_144025 img_20161004_144046 img_20161004_145548 img_20161004_145555 img_20161004_145617 img_20161004_145627 img_20161010_144204 img_20161010_144213 img_20161010_144232 img_20161010_144243 img_20161010_144250 img_20161010_144306 img_20161010_144323 img_20161010_144330


In the end, they did a fantastic job and the amazing image that it gives makes EVERYBODY stop and look at it. Go Vikings!



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