Da Vinci vs Picasso


Hello everyone!

In our lessons we have been working with the human body and by adapting our topic to art we thought what better way to use different techniques.

By using the perfection of the Greek canon or the cubist and surreal way of modern times we can see how the children have fun but also develop a sense of symmetry  and space.

Thanks to the help of one of our teacher students: Claes, the children also experimented with bright colours and mixing them in teams so they had to communicate in a way they didn’t have to before.

It was a great experience!

IMG_20170131_143857 IMG_20170131_143903 IMG_20170131_143913 IMG_20170207_145103 IMG_20170207_145105 IMG_20170221_144457 IMG_20170221_144524 IMG_20170221_144542 IMG_20170221_144610 IMG_20170221_144612 IMG_20170221_144715 IMG_20170221_144737 IMG_20170221_144803 IMG_20170117_141118 IMG_20170117_141127IMG_20170131_143855 IMG_20170117_141134   IMG_20170131_143903 IMG_20170131_143913IMG_20170131_143857 IMG_20170207_145105


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